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Buying Wholesale Beads

What should you expect if you decide to buy wholesale beads? If you shop at a reputable beads wholesaler online, you can expect quite a lot. Wholesale beads shouldn`t mean cheap quality - just cheap prices!

wholesale pearls wholesale pearls wholesale pearls

loose round pearls

wholesale pearls
baroque pearls

Suggested Retail for this Large Baroque
Pearls: $14.97

Your Wholesale Price: $3.99

wholesale beads
keshi pearls

Suggested Retail Price of this pearl Pendant, 925ss: $39.99

Your Wholesale Price: $4.99

Sample Retail Price of round pearls: $2.97&up

Your Wholesale Price: $0.57&up

(Loose Individual Pearls From
1mm to 12mm in size )

loose drop pearls

Your Wholesale Price for loose pearls from: $2.07/piece

semi-gem stone beads

Suggested Retail Price of this earrings: $3.99

Your Wholesale Price: $1.97

wholesale beads wholesale beads wholesale beads
wholesale beads

Who buys wholesale beads?

All types of retailers may purchase wholesale beads in bulk in a variety of shapes and colors to stock their shelves. Hobbyists and crafters use beads for creating unique jewelry and wearable art as well as for many other types of decorative uses.

Hobby stores, fabric stores, little craft stalls and individuals may decide to purchase wholesale beads in order to take advantage of the lower pricing available when you buy in bulk. However, there are a few things to check on before committing to making a huge purchase.

First, make sure that you are purchasing from a true beads wholesaler and not a middle man company pretending to offer wholesale prices but really marking up the product. A true wholesaler will generally want you to register as a buyer. Also see if the company has been around for a while and if they are members in good standing with the local business associations (BBB).

Next, find out what the minimum order is, and look through the catalog to see what restrictions exist. You will need to follow the guidelines put in place by the wholesaler when purchasing wholesale beads. If you are a retailer buying them for resale, you may need to provide a reseller number (usually a tax ID number) to avoid paying extra taxes.

Don`t pay exorbitant markups to retailers, extra premiums for small orders and high shipping costs. Instead, shop for wholesale beads for your use or for resale. ChinaDirectPearls is a member of the BBB.

Buying wholesale beads - high quality, low pricing, a great selection, and fast, inexpensive shipping

wholesale beads

pearl shapes
1. We farm pearls in China by ourselves

colored pearls
2. All sorts of pearls from oysters

select pearls
3. Pick and grade pearls individually

drill pearls
4. Hand-knotted each pearls for security

Once you register, you`ll be able to view all the beads available and place your first order for $1000 or more. Once you become a trusted customer, you can even make smaller orders ($500 or more) when needed at the same great wholesale bead price.


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